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Stirling Engine Car

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The Stirling Engine is an External Combustion Engine (the heat source is outside the engine) and can use any available source of adequate heat or cold. It is a classic illustration of converting heat energy into mechanical work using a thermodynamic cycle similar to the well-known Carnot cycle. In this case, however, the engine needs two pistons, a small power piston and a larger "displacement piston" that also stores heat energy. This Sterling engine is powered by a built-in alcohol lamp. This powers the steam engine which acts as the motor for the 'car'. A very good visual demonstration of the conversion of heat to mechanical energy. All Sterling engines are tested before shipping.

Special Instructions for the External Heat Engine Vehicle:
If you would like to run the car without it moving, you can put it on a little stand so the wheel just spins, or take off the connecting band between the top and bottom pulley. If you do have the car move across the floor closely supervise it since it will carry the flame with it. DO NOT use near children or pets. DO NOT use on a table or counter top. It will roll off.