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Magnetic Ringbom Stirling Engine

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Magnetic Ringbom Stirling Engine. The Magnetic Ringbom Stirling Engine operates on a low temperature heat differential and uses a magnet instead of a linkage shaft to drive the piston! The Ringbom engine concept published in 1907 has no rotary mechanism or linkage for the displacer. Can run in both directions, requires a lower temperature difference than the stainless steel model we have.

Ever wanted a engine that can run off the heat from your coffee cup, hot water, or even a warm surface? Like toys that are hard to explain and amazing to watch? Like precision pieces of equipment that are beautifully engineered? Love science? Want a gift for the person that has everything? If so you will want a Stirling Engine. The engines I offer are fully assembled and not a kit, you will not find a precision Stirling Engine for a lower price. These are the low temperature versions of a Stirling engine that can run off hot water from a coffee cup, heat from a router, and so on. Stirling engines operate by using a external heat source rather than a internal heat like a normal engine.

The easiest way to use them is get your normal cup of coffee in the morning, put the Stirling engine on top of the coffee cup, give it a slight push to get it going and as long as the surface is hot it will continue to run. These are precision pieces of equipment but are finally available at a economical price. Want one that will power a light then look at my other Sterling Engine I offer. All my units I sell are personally inspected by DSTAR before shipment. DSTAR engines has a complete line of external heat engines using similar parts so each item can be used in a educational setting and have them look as a complete set. If you need support for any DSTAR engine just contact DSTAR.